Invisible cable glass rib support system

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The invisible cable glass rib supporting system is composed of panel glass, rib joint (or glass rib hidden cable clamp), stainless steel cable, glass rib and glass rib connector.

The glass ribs are fixed on the main structure through glass rib connectors, and bear the effects of wind loads and earthquakes.

The stainless steel cable is hidden in the vertical glue seam between the panel glass, and the two ends (or only the upper end) are fixed on the main structure to connect the panel glass and the rib connector (or glass rib concealed cable clamp) to form one Auxiliary support system.

When the glass ribs are damaged and fail to support, the stainless steel cable will play its role to bear the weight of all the panel glass and ensure the integrity of the entire curtain wall supporting system.

The invisible cable glass rib supporting system has applied for a national patent.

Patent number: ZL 2014 2 0036421.5.

The invisible cable glass rib support system ensures the permeability and visual aesthetics of the original glass rib support structure. At the same time, it provides effective time for repair and replacement of the glass ribs, avoids the collapse of the entire glass curtain wall, and improves the rib connection of the glass curtain wall Security.

The engineering case is as follows:




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